Resource Centre FAQs

Q. How do I obtain an Insignia account? 
A. All teachers/staff have an Insignia account. Login to the Insignia OPAC with your sd#59 username and password to book items.


Q. Why can I not get on to the digital resources?
A. All digital resources are password protected for access. If you do not have the passwords, please contact you school librarian or the
Resource Centre.


Q. I have never used Insignia - is there a guide I can access?
A. Yes, click on the "
How do I Book an Item” link near the top of the OPAC page. This will take you to a pdf “how to” guide that will walk you through it.


Q. I want to renew a resource and the system won't let me. 
A. If there are bookings pending for an item or you have reached the maximum # of extensions Insignia will not let you renew. Please contact us at 250-782-6336 or e-mail the
Resource Centre for assistance.


Q. Why did I receive a “item not available” e-mail notification? 
A. We will inform clients that an order is delayed and not available at the requested date. Delayed orders occur when the current user has not returned the resource on time.


Q. Why was my order cancelled? 
A. Cancelled orders are due to a number of factors - the most common is the resource you had booked has not been returned on time and we can no longer fulfill your order. If we feel that we cannot get the item returned in a timely manner... there is a good chance your order will be cancelled.


Q. I received a kit, but several items were missing, what should I do? 
A. Our staff inventory each kit upon its return and sometimes kits are returned incomplete. We generate missing notices to teachers and place a missing label by the listed contents of the kit. Please contact us if there are missing items unaccounted or for other kit maintenance issues.


Q. I would like to recommend a resource for the Resource Services collection. 
A. Please contact 
Resource Centrefor an acquisition form. This form asks for a price, purchasing details and the rational for purchases.


Q. When can I begin ordering for next year? 
A. Announcements regarding ordering for next year are posted to the Insignia OPAC and the Resource Centre homepage. We cannot open booking until the calendar & schedule are finalized for the upcoming school year.